HS Code - 07123100

Vietnam HS Code 07123100 | HTS Code Mushrooms, Wood Ears (Auricularia Spp.), Jelly Fungi (Tremella Spp.) And Truffles:Mushrooms Of The Genus Agaricus

Vietnam HS Code 07123100 is for mushrooms, wood ears (auricularia spp), jelly fungi (tremella spp) and truffles:mushrooms of the genus agaricus. Lookup 2017 HTS Code or HSN Code.

HS Code Item Description
0712 Dried vegetables, whole, cut, sliced, broken or in powder, but not further prepared.
07123100 Mushrooms, wood ears (Auricularia spp.), jelly fungi (Tremella spp.) and truffles:Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus