Vietnam Import Data

Analyse Market Size of Vietnam and Market Share of Vietnamese Import Companies

Vietnam is situated in south-east of Asian continent. Vietnam Import Data gives a detailed outlook of country’s import market with shipment details. It contains comprehensive information of Vietnamese import companies, their import activities, trading partners, trading countries, import products, etc.

Trade data of Vietnam import is best used to:

  • Analyze Company Performance - Vietnamese importers and foreign suppliers.
  • Compare Monthly Figures - Data is updated in every month.
  • Evaluate Product - Actual product description with specifications like brand, model, type, etc. is covered in Vietnam trade data.
  • Study HS Code - Access shipment records up to 8 digit level HS Code.
  • Check Yearly Market Performance - Compare market price, company performance, etc. of previous years with current year.
  • Access Port-wise Data - Analyze import traffic of Vietnamese ports and track shipments arrived via Sea, Air & Road.

How We Can Help You?

  • Our shipment data of Vietnam imports help you find active overseas suppliers to import a product.
  • From our customs data of Vietnam, find genuine buyers in Vietnam to supply your goods.
  • Refine your results on Vietnamese traded companies, product specifications, market trends, etc. to deliver more-informed marker research reports.
  • Vietnam customs data reveals shipment details including trade volumes of companies, traffic volume of ports, etc.
  • Get business intelligence information of Vietnamese import companies with their contact details and approach them for financial solutions.
  • Our Vietnam import data helps media agencies of all mediums – print, electronic & Internet to give a larger trade picture of Vietnam.

Vietnam Import Data Sample

Our data is covered with the most comprehensive Vietnam import statistics and company names. Below given sample shows data columns which are covered in import data of Vietnam.

Sample #1
Year 2018 Month April
Date 01 April 2018 Code of Company 301020722
Vietnam Importer Name Luc Phuc Trading – Technical Services Co. Ltd. Foreign Exporter Name Siemens Healthcare PTE. Ltd.
HS Code 30029000 Product Description Advia Centaur FT4, SMN: 10282219 In Vitro Diagnostic Bacteria
HS Code 29032200 Unit Price (USD) 1.37
Origin Country United States of America Destination Country Vietnam
Unit Sacks / boxes / packages Quantity 22
Value (USD) 6545 Unit Price (USD) 297.5
Import Port (Vietnam) Tan Son Nhat Airport Foreign Port Chicago ILL
Condition of Goods Delivery CIP Payment Condition TTR

Vietnam Imports in the Last 10 Years

Our Vietnam import data reveal that the country recorded a rise in the total value in the last five years. The highest value of about US$ 250000 million registered in 2018. Check Vietnam’s total imports recorded in the last ten years below.

Year Value ( USD Million )
2009 69948
2010 84838
2011 106749
2012 113780
2013 132032
2014 147839
2015 165775
2016 174978
2017 210625
2018 258207
Vietnam import data

What Vietnam Mostly Imports?

Vietnam purchased goods worth US$ 258 billion in 2018 up by 21.5% from the previous year, as per Vietnam import statistics. Vietnam’s top 10 imports approach almost 60% of the overall value of the country’s total commodities purchased from the foreign suppliers. Check Vietnam trade statistics of country’s main import commodities.

vietnam import commodities
HS Code Product Description Value (%)
68 Electrical Machinery and Equipment 26.39
24 Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc. 9.50
13 Plastics 5.38
11 Mineral Fuels and Oils 4.64
11 Iron and Steel 4.42
09 Optical, Photographic, Medical, Equipment, etc. 3.68
06 Knitted or Crocheted Fabrics 2.53
06 Vehicles 2.50
05 Cotton 1.97
04 Fish and Crustaceans 1.75

Which are Vietnam’s Largest Import Sources?

As per import data of Vietnam, country’s major import source is China from where it purchased goods worth US$ 58 billion in 2018. Vietnam’s top 10 import partners shared more than 80% of the overall value. Import statistics of Vietnam reveals the following top ten import sources of the country.

Country Value USD Billion Share in Value (%)
China 58 27.7
South Korea 46 22.2
Japan 16 7.9
Taipei, Chinese 12 6.0
Thailand 10 5.0
United States of America 09 4.4
Malaysia 05 2.8
Singapore 05 2.5
India 03 1.8
Indonesia 03 1.7
vietnam import partners

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