Heading - 7616

Vietnam HS Code 7616 - Other Articles Of Aluminium.

Vietnam HS Code 7616 is for other articles of aluminium. Lookup 2017 HTS Code or HSN Code for other articles of aluminium in Vietnam.

HS Code Item Description
  7616 Other articles of aluminium.
      761610 Nails, tacks, staples (other than those of heading 83.05), screws, bolts, nuts, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotterpins, washers and similar articles:
             76161010 Nails
             76161020 Staples and hooks; bolts and nuts
             76161090 Other
             76169100 Other:Cloth, grill, netting and fencing, of aluminium wire
      761699 Other:
             76169920 Ferrules of a kind suitable for use in the manufacture of pencils
             76169930 Slugs, round, of such dimension that the thickness exceeds onetenth of the diameter
             76169940 Bobbins, spools, reels and similar supports for textile yarn
             76169960 Spouts and cups of a kind used for latex collection
             76169991 Other:Cigarette cases or boxes; blinds
             76169992 Expanded metal
             76169999 Other