HS Code - 03038914

Vietnam HS Code 03038914 | HTS Code Savalai Hairtails (Lepturacanthus Savala), Belanger’s Croakers (Johnius Belangerii), Reeve’s Croakers (Chrysochir Aureus) And Bigeye Croakers (Pennahia Anea)

Vietnam HS Code 03038914 is for savalai hairtails (lepturacanthus savala), belanger’s croakers (johnius belangerii), reeve’s croakers (chrysochir aureus) and bigeye croakers (pennahia anea). Lookup 2017 HTS Code or HSN Code.

HS Code Item Description
0303 Fish, frozen, excluding fish fillets and other fish meat of heading 03.04.
030389 Other:
03038914 Savalai hairtails (Lepturacanthus savala), Belanger’s croakers (Johnius belangerii), Reeve’s croakers (Chrysochir aureus) and bigeye croakers (Pennahia anea)