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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionDestination CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
31/Mar/202073259990Metal spring guard / LEAD WIRE GUIDE PLATE XG9903001 # & VNVietnampcs/piece300.0075.600.25View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202073269099XF8855001-KD-Need metal / LEAD WIRE GUIDE HOLDER - sewing machine parts # & VNVietnampcs/piece1,200.0095.400.08View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202073259990Metal spring guard / LEAD WIRE GUIDE PLATE XG9903001 # & VNVietnampcs/piece200.0050.400.25View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202083024999Price guide wire OPE - P2 - 0548 (2/4) O1 sets of 7) # & VNVietnamthe set1.0072.7972.79View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202083024999ORS - 00712 wire guide price (1 set of 3) # & VNVietnamthe set1.0062.3962.39View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202084799040Copper wire guide wheel with outer diameter of 40mm, diameter of 4mm, new product 100% # & VNVietnampcs/piece20.0067.913.40View ImporterView Supplier
28/Mar/202039269099032E 45221 # & GUIDE HARNESS price of electrical wire & photocopier printer parts # & VNVietnampcs/piece2,800.00357.260.13View ImporterView Supplier
28/Mar/202087149991SHIFT GUIDE AS-P2748A (200328) # & # Bicycle wire bowl # & VNCambodiapcs/piece3,563.00149.650.04View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/20203917400010cc-JP silicon wire is 1m2 long wire, used to guide compressed air in the production of electronic components. No brands. 100% new goods # & VNVietnampcs/piece40.0041.141.03View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202039269059280237 # & Plastic cover for electrical wire protection type OS_EV COMBO INLET GUIDE TOP_2, brand new 100% # & VNKorea (Republic)pcs/piece800.00239.840.30View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202039269099Plastic guide wire for electric wires (89mm x 87mm) GUIDE_WIRE_BASE # & VNVietnampcs/piece90.007.330.08View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202073259990Metal spring guard / LEAD WIRE GUIDE PLATE XG9903001 # & VNVietnampcs/piece200.0050.400.25View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202087141090Motorcycle components: Wire guide 4733C331A SKIP PIPE CLUTCH # & VNThailandpcs/piece500.00200.000.40View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202084799030Copper wire guide for winding copper wire into the stator-MOBILE BLADES OF INSERT. EQ. CROMED L = 345MM, Temporary export goods made as model from item 1 TK: 103055084160 / A12 dated December 17, 2019 # & ITChinapcs/piece2.00197.9898.99View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/2020732690992H660258 steel wire guide bar (F01-M19013) # & VNVietnampcs/piece1.0039.8539.85View ImporterView Supplier
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