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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionDestination CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
27/Mar/202070181090Products decorated with glass: fish, mountains, hammers, cats, owls, buddha, mushrooms, nets, snakes, tomatoes, watermelons, jugs, glasses, bears, birds, frogs. Height 10mm - 35mm. New 100 %.#&VNJapanpcs/piece29,310.007,913.700.27View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202074151090PYRAMIDBOLTS # & Hammered Pyramid Head Bolt - Masonite Frame, processing screws used in glass panes, processing price: 0.148563407062772 # & VNUnited States of Americapcs/piece500.00115.480.23View ImporterView Supplier
14/Mar/202070181090Products decorated with glass: fish, buns, grandmothers, rabbits, hammers, cats, buddha, silver balls, owls, squid, birds, turtles, small children, bears. Height 10mm - 35mm. New 100%. # & VNJapanpcs/piece23,561.006,361.470.27View ImporterView Supplier
03/Mar/202070181090Products decorated with glass: fish, onions, mustard, locket, hat, grandmother, grandfather, rabbit, flower, hammer, fruit, cat, buddha, owl, bird, squid, eggplant, chopstick, turtle, dragon, uncle, jellyfish, snake, bear, hedgehog. Height 10mm - 35mm. 10Japanpcs/piece61,006.0016,471.620.27View ImporterView Supplier
29/Jan/201970181090Products decorated with glass: assorted glass beasts, glass hammers, glass Buddha, hearts, chopsticks sticks. Height 10mm - 35mm. 100% new # & VN "JapanPiece/Pcs39,075.007,033.500.18View ImporterView Supplier
23/Jan/201985159090Kits for welding machines, including alkaline welding, slag hammer, welding glasses, welding gloves, .. (100% new, used for WESTERDAM QT: Nertherland) # & FI "VietnamSet1.00187.43187.43View ImporterView Supplier
15/Jan/201970181090Decorative glass products: Ooc, Pig, Frog, Mountain, Fish, Owl, Hammer, Cat, Grandpa, Penguin, Heart, Stingray, Fishman, Snake, Jellyfish, Flower, Bear, Dog, Strawberry, Face glitter. (100% new) # & VN "JapanPiece/Pcs29,725.005,350.500.18View ImporterView Supplier
15/Jan/201970200090DAHLIA2480CI # & 2480 Camber Dahlia Low-E Hammered w / WI Frame, glass roller, machining price: 85,4556035063591usd # & # & VN "United States of AmericaPiece/Pcs5.00678.97135.79View ImporterView Supplier
14/Jan/201970181090Products decorated with glass: assorted glass beasts, mountains, glass hammers, marbles, glass buddha, glass rings, glass diamonds. Height 10mm - 35mm. 100% new # & VN "JapanPiece/Pcs47,142.008,485.560.18View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201970139900CKK-299, a souvenir made of glass in the shape of a hammer and hammer # & VN "JapanPiece/Pcs290.0072.500.25View ImporterView Supplier
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