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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionDestination CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
31/Mar/202085365069Travel switch R704B (HY-R704B (VCE02-02966), HANYOUNG NUX) # & VNVietnampcs/piece5.0024.204.84View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202085369019Electric bridge / Domino HYT-204 (4P * 20A, HYT-204, HANYOUNG NUX) # & KRVietnampcs/piece40.0036.840.92View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202090268010Controller DX3-PMWNR (DX3-PMWNR, HANYOUNG NUX) # & VNVietnampcs/piece10.00604.2860.43View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202090321010ND4-PKMR05 temperature controller (Size: 48x48, 0 ~ 200 oC, HANYOUNG NUX) # & KRVietnampcs/piece5.00103.9820.80View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202090321010Heat meter NX4-25 (100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, NX4-25, HANYOUNG NUX) (temperature control device) # & KRVietnampcs/piece5.00488.1297.62View ImporterView Supplier
28/Mar/202085369029-Hanyoung Bridge - NUX -HYT-1010 10A-100% New & # 100% new productVietnampcs/piece2.003.171.59View ImporterView Supplier
28/Mar/202085369029-Hanyoung Bridge - NUX -HYT-1010 10A-100% New & # 100% new productVietnampcs/piece10.0015.861.59View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202085479090Domino bar (which is the connector for dynamic or control wires) in block form, 30A - 4 poles HYT-304; Voltage: 250VAC; Plastic material; Brand: HANYOUNG NUX; 100% new goods # & IDVietnampcs/piece30.0026.230.87View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202085363090CR 257 floating button (25mm x 250V, blue, HANYOUNG NUX) # & KRVietnampcs/piece20.0020.831.04View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202085371019TPS-30S-24 controller (100-240V, 0.8 A, 50-60HZ, TPS-30S-24, HANYOUNG NUX) (control panel for water pump) # & VNVietnampcs/piece2.0041.5120.76View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202090321010Temperature controller DX7-KMWNR (100-240VAC, DX7-KMWNR, HANYOUNG NUX) # & KRVietnampcs/piece2.00144.3372.17View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202085365069Emergency stop button CRE-25M1 (CRE-25M1 replace for CR-257, HANYOUNG NUX) -Press # & VNVietnampcs/piece80.0089.291.12View ImporterView Supplier
22/Mar/202085365069ZCN-P5010 switch (ZCNP5010 (AZ 7310), HANYOUNG NUX) # & IDVietnampcs/piece20.0073.863.69View ImporterView Supplier
22/Mar/202090321010Thermal clock NX4-25 (NX4-25, HANYOUNG NUX) # & KRVietnampcs/piece4.00366.4991.62View ImporterView Supplier
19/Mar/2020853690122-layer Domino HYBT-15A-2 Hanyoung, manufacturer: Hanyoung NUX. # & KRVietnampcs/piece60.0025.950.43View ImporterView Supplier
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  • Vietnam (47)
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