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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionDestination CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
31/Mar/2020870829955267814 # & Supporters belong to the 4-wheel terrain frame cluster of SXS / 5267814 (all-terrain vehicles), 100% new & VNUnited States of Americapcs/piece300.002,322.007.74View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202087141090Cluster steering wheel rack - 53110-K35-V00 - PT HONDA Electric Vehicle 100% new goods # & VNJapanpcs/piece11.0073.046.64View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202087081090The left flap of the anti-collision cluster of 4-wheel terrain racing cars, belonging to the SXS series, has passed the production stage at the company, 100% new, KH: 5263460A, ERP: 5263460 + 01-DG-BL # & VNVietnampcs/piece60.00103.801.73View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/2020870829955339936 # & Left hand support is a cluster of 4339936 4-wheel terrain vehicles, belonging to ATV (terrain vehicle), 100% new & VNUnited States of Americapcs/piece240.00271.201.13View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/2020870880925139303 # & Cluster coupling suspension system of 4-wheel terrain racing vehicles, model ATV / 5139303 (off-road cars), new 100% # & VNUnited States of Americapcs/piece600.001,290.002.15View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202087141090Steering wheel cluster 53100-K77-D000, brand new 100% # & VNBrazilpcs/piece1,280.0012,256.009.58View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202087141090Electric steering wheel cluster -31210-K0R -D010-M1- LK honda # & VN motorcyclesItalypcs/piece2.0023.5611.78View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202087141090Cluster steering wheel rack - 53110-K35-V00 - PT HONDA Electric Vehicle 100% new goods # & VNBelgiumpcs/piece7.0046.486.64View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202087141090Steering wheel cluster - 53219-K44-V00 - PT MOTORCYCLE HONDA Vision 110. New 100% # & VNJapanpcs/piece4.0051.9212.98View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202084133090Plastic water pump cluster (motorcycle parts for PCX, 2-wheel vehicles), code 19200KWN901, Honda brand, originating from Honda Vietnam, brand new 100% # & VNKorea (Republic)pcs/piece10.00226.3022.63View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202087081090The left flange of the 4-wheel terrain anti-collision cluster, SXS brand, has through the production stage at the company, 100% new, KH: 5263460A, ERP: 5263460 + 01-DG # & VNVietnampcs/piece405.00700.651.73View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202087089962Rear frame cluster of 4-wheel terrain racing vehicles, ATV model, 100% new, KH: 1022512A, ERP: 1022512 + 01-DG # & VNVietnampcs/piece45.001,082.7024.06View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/2020870899805266467 # & Left rear clusters fixed speaker of 3-wheel sports car 5266467, from ON-ROAD # & VN modelsUnited States of Americapcs/piece500.00445.000.89View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202087141090Front wheel sensor cluster. Motorcycle parts, Brand: YAMAHA, Part number: B63-H5970-00. 100% new goods. # & VNJapanpcs/piece3.0092.6430.88View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202087141090Steering wheel cluster - 53219-K29-900 - PT MOTORCYCLE HONDA SH mode 125. New 100% # & VNKorea (Republic)pcs/piece2.0054.9027.45View ImporterView Supplier
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