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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionDestination CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
31/Mar/202094038990Flat iron table BS12H-MG (iron foot, industrial wooden table, office use) # & VNVietnampcs/piece1.00154.24154.24View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202094032090Metal-framed table with wooden surface, used in office code BCS14-M, New arrivals 100% # & VNVietnampcs/piece14.00932.9466.64View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202094033000KT working table: 1200x700x750 (wooden industry, used in the office) # & VNVietnampcs/piece2.00139.4769.74View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202094036090Set of wooden working table, including 3 tables, kt: 1200x3000x2650mm, used in the office. 100% new # & VNJapanthe set1.0016,128.0016,128.00View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202094036090Meeting table, wooden, put in office, kt: 330x120x76cm. New 100% # & VNJapanpcs/piece1.001,344.001,344.00View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202094038990Meeting table BH18-CT (powder coated iron table legs, industrial wooden countertops, office use) # & VNVietnampcs/piece1.0066.8566.85View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202094033000Wooden pine table for office use - OLIVIER COFFEE TABLE size (1350 * 700 * 340) mm # & VNKorea (Republic)pcs/piece16.001,680.00105.00View ImporterView Supplier
20/Mar/202094033000120 degree office table (MDF wooden table, iron table leg) size L0505xW650xH750mm, table thickness 25mm, hsx: Mai Den Service and Trading Joint Stock Company, no brand, New 100% # & VNJapanpcs/piece160.0022,761.89142.26View ImporterView Supplier
20/Mar/202094033000Office table (MDF wooden table, iron table legs) size L1300xW650xH700mm, table thickness 25mm, hsx: Mai Den Trade and Services Joint Stock Company, new 100% # & VNJapanpcs/piece15.002,017.23134.48View ImporterView Supplier
20/Mar/202094033000Round office table (MDF wooden table, iron table legs, size 1000mmxH700mm, 25mm table thickness, hsx: Mai Den Trade and Services Joint Stock Company, new 100% (FOC) # & VNJapanpcs/piece1.000.110.11View ImporterView Supplier
17/Mar/202094033000Iron foot office table, wooden countertops MFC W1200 * D700 * H740, brand: UT, non-model, office use, 100% new & VNVietnampcs/piece26.002,408.3092.63View ImporterView Supplier
17/Mar/202094033000Iron table with long legs, wooden table surface of MFC includes 3 drawers for draw rail bi1200Wmm * 700Dmm * 750Hmm, brand: UT, non-model, office use, 100% new & VNVietnampcs/piece4.00285.4171.35View ImporterView Supplier
17/Mar/202094033000Wooden meeting table (MFC wood) size: 2500 x 1200 x 750mm, manufacturer: Thanh Cong VN, used in new office 100% # & VNVietnampcs/piece1.00147.03147.03View ImporterView Supplier
17/Mar/202094036090Office meeting table, iron legs, MFC 25mm W6500mm * D1600mm wooden planks, brand name: UT, non-model, office use, 100% new & VNVietnampcs/piece1.00630.49630.49View ImporterView Supplier
16/Mar/202094033000H743-34 # & Table H743-34 (1524 * 711 * 787) mm. Wooden products (with imported origin) and particle board 100% brand new, used for office, made in Vietnam. # & VNUnited States of Americapcs/piece15.001,345.5089.70View ImporterView Supplier
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