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02/Jan/20193215119083 # & Yellow ink in solution form Code: 61187 (Non-Phthalate Plasticizer: 30-70%, Additive: 3-10%, Pigment: 20-50%) # & CNVietnamKg21.44468.1221.83**
04/Jan/201923099020Yellow Pigment-# & CN Feed AdditivesCambodiaKg50.00199.984.00**
04/Jan/201932041790SPCM01 # & Yellow SP3539-4 (Organic pigments prepared in powder form) # & VNVietnamKg50.00360.007.20**
05/Jan/201940021990Colored plates (Colored rubber sheets, accessories for shoe soles) Pigment Masterbatch R 0260-1 YELLOW # & VNVietnamKg25.00437.0317.48**
07/Jan/201932041790SPCM29 # & Yellow SMT-2 (Organic pigments prepared in powder form) # & VNVietnamKg128.006,656.0052.00**
09/Jan/201932129029Pigment for paint, brand Teknos Treffert, type: Water yellow concentrate, Code: 581047 000.1 barrels, 3kg / carton. 100% new goods # & MYVietnamKg3.00207.2569.08**
09/Jan/201932061990Yellow plastic resins are used in the plastic industry, code 2116. Mixtures include: pigment, resin, CaCO3, Zinc. Dimensions 3 x 2 mm. (100% new goods, made in Vietnam). #&VNTunisiaKg25.0044.001.76**
09/Jan/201932041790Preparations from synthetic organic pigments used in paint industry: Yellow - 1912.AXX (C18H18N4O6). CAS #: 6358-31-2. 100% new item # & USCambodiaLon/Can54.001,171.8021.70**
09/Jan/201932041790Preparations from synthetic organic pigments used in paint industry: Yellow Oxide - 1974.C (xFe2O3.yH2O). CAS #: 51274-00-1. 100% new item # & USCambodiaLon/Can60.00649.8010.83**
09/Jan/201932041790Preparations from synthetic organic pigments used in paint industry: Medium Yellow - 1914.T (C36H32Cl4N6O8). CAS #: 107-21-1. 100% new item # & USCambodiaLon/Can24.00688.8028.70**
10/Jan/201923099020Yellow Pigment-# & CN Feed AdditivesCambodiaKg100.00399.964.00**
10/Jan/201932129019Pigment for cotton bricks - Yellow color, brand new 100% # & VNItalyPiece/Pcs8.00765.0495.63**
10/Jan/201932151900Water-based printing ink, yellow / Water Based Yellow pigment Dispersion CD-23 # & VNSri LankaKg60.00174.002.90**
11/Jan/201932041710Synthetic organic pigments, powder - JECO YELLOW JHY-8307L - NPL SX electrostatic powder coating-TKN No. 101851111720 (item 2) # & CNCanadaKg15.40404.8726.29**
11/Jan/201932064990YELLOW MASTER BATCH granular colorants item number IM-PE4001B, used to create color in plastic industry. Including: CaCO3 over 50%, pigments, resins, zinc, oil. 100% new goods # & VNAlbaniaKg50.0090.001.80**
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