Yellow Plastic Straps Export Data Of Vietnam

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionDestination CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
03/Jan/201939269099Yellow plastic straps for packaging (KT: 1700000mm * 15mm) # & VNVietnamRoll5.0078.1215.62View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201939269099Yellow plastic straps for packaging (KT2300000mm * 12mm * 0.65mm) # & VNVietnamRoll5.0078.1215.62View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201939232199CRE1350027 # & Plastic bags, no straps, yellow, size 800x830mm, brand new 100% # & VNJapanTon6.6011,088.201,680.03View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201939202099Plastic straps packed in yellow 15mm. 100% new goods # & VNVietnamRoll200.002,416.9212.08View ImporterView Supplier
17/Jan/201939232199SWJFLAT45L # & Yellow, non-straps plastic bags, size 650x800mm, new 100% # & VNJapanTon13.4723,289.761,729.01View ImporterView Supplier
17/Jan/201939232199SWJFLAT20L-01 # & Yellow, no-straps plastic bag, size 400x600mm, new 100% # & VNJapanTon1.122,006.371,791.40View ImporterView Supplier
18/Jan/201939232199ZH6020DUFT # & Plastic bag, no straps, yellow, size 640x710 + 40mm, brand new 100% # & VNSloveniaTon2.965,895.431,991.70View ImporterView Supplier
18/Jan/201939269099Plastic packing straps (yellow) -15kg / roll # & VNVietnamRoll1.0029.3729.37View ImporterView Supplier
18/Jan/201956090000Straps (chains with chains) made from 8M plastic yarn used in the construction industry (Yellow - Black), 100% new # & VNKorea RepublicKg1,037.002,074.002.00View ImporterView Supplier
24/Jan/201939269099Yellow, plastic strapping straps # & VNVietnamRoll1.0014.0414.04View ImporterView Supplier
28/Jan/201939269099Yellow straps, plastic material, 100% new and new & VNVietnamRoll1.0012.5712.57View ImporterView Supplier
30/Jan/201964029990500012272-1101189-182 # & EVA women's flip-flops outsole (from plastic) and PU-leatherette straps (yellow, size 5-9) # & VN "Japanpair381.003,642.369.56View ImporterView Supplier
31/Jan/201956090000Straps (chains with chains) made from 8M plastic yarn used in the construction industry (Yellow - Black), 100% new # & VNKorea RepublicKg1,173.002,346.002.00View ImporterView Supplier
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