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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
28/Mar/202073269099Orange jigs, led fixtures, stainless steel. New 100%Vietnamset2.0013.716.86View ImporterView Supplier
28/Mar/202073269099SUP1260 # & jigu hot table SEDV-MICRO-02 (stainless steel fixtures and jigs to support components for the heating table)Vietnampiece/pcs1.00100.71100.71View ImporterView Supplier
28/Mar/202076169990RZ970 fixtures for assembling sticker glass products (Jig forprojector / RZ970_Lens caution labelsticking jig), material: aluminum, used for jigs to assemble sticker lens products, new 100%Vietnamset1.0029.3129.31View ImporterView Supplier
28/Mar/202076169990PCB1224 jigs soldering shield products (Jig for projector / Shield coversoldering jig for PCB1224), material: aluminum, used to make welding fixtures for products, 100% newVietnamset1.0094.2894.28View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202039269059MR-3851 / JIGS FOR INSPECTION BOARD, a set of fixtures for checking the electrical transmission lines in cars (plastic)Japanpiece/pcs1.00789.88789.88View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202073269099# Jigs & fixtures 8000A S4ZUD00053, steel material, 100% new, made in VietnamVietnampiece/pcs200.00154.270.77View ImporterView Supplier
17/Mar/202083024999TB83024999 # & 100% new stainless steel fixtures and jigs (F60mm), used in the houseVietnampiece/pcs100.00821.628.22View ImporterView Supplier
11/Mar/202073269099tranvan.nam-117-146 # & SCREW steel fixtures for use in the LMSW-8 mold jigs. New 100%Vietnampiece/pcs248.0057.860.23View ImporterView Supplier
11/Mar/202073269099tranvan.nam-117-151 # & SCREW steel fixtures for use in the LMSW-8 mold jigs. New 100%Vietnampiece/pcs18.004.200.23View ImporterView Supplier
11/Mar/202076169990tranvan.nam-117-175 # & UMD-E Bottom JIG aluminum fixtures for use in the mold jigs for specifications 180 * 32.4 * 24.3. New 100%Vietnampiece/pcs4.00101.9725.49View ImporterView Supplier
05/Mar/202073269099Jigs for detailed steel fixtures, 1 set of 3, TAKAONO manufacturer, brand new 100%Japanset1.00400.44400.44View ImporterView Supplier
03/Mar/202039269099Device module ver screw dp jig jigs: Fixtures for clamping, holding products, made of plastic, brand new 100%Vietnampiece/pcs1.0033.4933.49View ImporterView Supplier
31/Jan/201939269099RC00Q008-319334 # & Jigs' cleaning fixtures, plasticVietnamPiece/Pcs2.00817.40408.70View ImporterView Supplier
31/Jan/2019732690991226030400-12 # & Jigs used in testing fixtures, made of steel, 100% newKorea (Republic)Piece/Pcs2.00878.92439.46View ImporterView Supplier
31/Jan/201973269099XAAC08916 # Jigs & fixtures, 304 stainless steel material , size 112 * 50 * 28 , 5 (mm) , nsx Thanh Cong , 100% newVietnamPiece/Pcs8.00453.6456.70View ImporterView Supplier
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