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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
01/Jan/201948025569Paper for checking printing heads of ceramic tile printer , width 20cm , code: 4250806 - In rolls (For digital brick machine in producing ceramic tiles) - 100% new goodsItalyRoll6.00405.9767.66View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201939191099Plastic tape for checking print quality (18mm x 35m) (1 pack = 10 rolls)JapanPiece/Pcs50.00267.915.36View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201959032000A02 # & LEATHER - 150DX150D POLYESTER OX GLEN CHECK HEAT PRINT 58 "- 100% newChinayards1,640.403,608.882.20View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201990248010Testing equipment (used to check the print quality of plastic films) , model: R300 , speed: 60m / min. 100% new goodsChinaSet1.003,000.003,000.00View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201990275010TL000060 # & Cloth color box used to check the color printed on the packaging box , KT 710 * 530 * 570mm , Model-D60 (6L) voltage 220V , 18W , NSX DOHO. NSX 2018 , 100% newChinaSet2.00472.00236.00View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201990311010Printed circuit board error checking machine (for checking component errors on printed circuit boards; used in motherboard manufacturing) , TRI Innovation , Model TR518 SII , voltage 100-240V , 50/60 Hz , 500VA. New 100%TaiwanSet1.0021,910.0021,910.00View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201939269099PET plastic film sheet, size 101 * 140 (mm) , printed with content of length and scale used to check the size of the error arising on the screen of the phone , SONY brand , 20 sheets / pack , 100% newJapanPack3.00767.88255.96View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201990308290The dual PCM feature testing machine is used to check the integrated circuits of printed printed circuit boards (IFS-DPB) , model: MS-177 (2Ch) by Misum manufacturer in Korea 2018, 220V current, frequency 50-60HZ ,Korea (Republic)Set1.0014,793.2114,793.21View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201990314930SX242160549 # & printed circuit feature test equipment (check printed circuit connection) model: SM-J510FN TOUCH PBA , KT: 33 * 30 * 28. SERI: SX242160549 # & KRKorea (Republic)Piece/Pcs1.002,407.032,407.03View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201990318090SX2421609010 # & Device for checking and displaying the vibration frequency of printed circuit boards for telephone Model: BK2020B.AC: 220V , 50Hz. SERI: SX2421609010 # & KRKorea (Republic)Piece/Pcs1.004,877.344,877.34View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201976169990THPBA18129 # & Parts of aluminum junction with center-through slot for checking the warping of memory card slot gaskets on printed circuits , Model: SM-G8870 SUB PBA (V / K)VietnamPiece/Pcs1.00107.90107.90View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201976169990TH2421812019 # & Stainless steel fixture use mobile phone printed circuit board to check battery's profile , Model: SM-G970U SUB PBA (V / K)VietnamPiece/Pcs1.0049.6349.63View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201976169990TH2421812020 # & Aluminum fixture for fixing mobile phone printed circuit to check pin warping of input pin , Model: SM-G970U SUB PBA (V / K)VietnamPiece/Pcs1.0049.6349.63View ImporterView Supplier
05/Jan/201932151190SSPO 911 BLACK VN - Print ink for printing on packaging. Has entered , checking and customs clearance TK 101840084251 (1/29/18)JapanKg2.0044.2322.12View ImporterView Supplier
07/Jan/201990303310 Tools, devices used to measure , check current , voltage , resistance , capacity of printed circuit boards assembled. ModeL: Logic Pro 8 , Brand: SALEAE (Set = piece) , (Brand new 100%)United States of AmericaSet1.00699.00699.00View ImporterView Supplier
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