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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
01/Jan/201948025569Paper for checking printing heads of ceramic tile printer , width 20cm , code: 4250806 - In rolls (For digital brick machine in producing ceramic tiles) - 100% new goodsItalyRoll6.00405.9767.66View ImporterView Supplier
01/Jan/201948219090Printing paper (in rolls, not effective). new 100%ChinaKg1,260.00630.000.50View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938220090Color indicator in ethanol , liquid (used to detect coatings on printed paper) SAPINDSOL.S-ML HP PRIMING SOL 30ml / Bottle , CAS No. 64-17-5 (KPLPT 7020 / TB-TCHQ)SingaporeBottle/Jar/Tube100.001,120.0011.20View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201932151190Black ink for paper packaging products -PRINTING INK (BLACK) , (in oil form) , brand new 100%. According to PTPL results No. 1098 / TB-KÐ3 dated June 18, 2018, section: 1ChinaKg1,008.004,032.004.00View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201939199010Self-adhesive PVC film in 60 mic without printed lettering , with a protective paper backing , water glue (1.06x1000) M PVTWK-K1060. 100% new product (Self-adhesive film 4)ThailandM25,300.002,480.400.47View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948025569Woodfree printing paper uncoated , CHENMING brand , does not contain pulp obtained from chemical processing or has a content of not more than 10% compared to the total amount of paper pulp , in rolls , quantitative 80gsm , gauge 650mm , 100% newChinaKg5,460.004,313.400.79View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948025899Printing paper used in the factory , quantitative 210g / m2 PAPER 140 ART , in sheet form, size: 788mmX1,091M. New 100%.Korea (Republic)Piece/Pcs2,500.00981.250.39View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948026159Printing paper in rolls (size: 180mmx20m) PEX00DL1-1000B FUJI machine tool spare parts , 100% newJapanBox/Packet/Crate30.00291.939.73View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948051990Corrugated paper, in rolls, mainly from recycled pulp, not printed, unbleached, uncoated. Quantitative 112 gsm and 150 gsm. The width is from 1450 mm to 1700 mm. New 100%ThailandKg215,956.00102,579.100.48View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948099090Flower-shaped paper for transmission through fabric in heat transfer printing technology, 63 inch roll form New 100%ChinaKg13,048.007,828.800.60View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948101399Double-sided coated paper with CACO3 , made of bleached chemical powder , , not printed, weighing 80 g / m2 , 1090mm , ((C1S COATED ART PAPER IN ROLL). NEW 100% .THEO KET THAN PHAN TICH PHAN LOAI SO 2028 / TB-TCHQChinaKg44,259.0042,046.050.95View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948101399Couche paper coated with double-sided inorganic materials , quantitative 60.2gsm , 79.1gsm , size 61cm to 86cm , in rolls (100% new). Mechanical pulp content not exceeding 10%, used in printingJapanKg88,270.7266,203.040.75View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948101399Coated double-sided coated paper, quantitative 60.2gsm , 79.1gsm , size 76cm to 86cm , in rolls (100% new). The content of mechanized pulp does not exceed 10% , used in printing. 2 SIDES COATED PAPER.JapanKg168,558.79126,419.090.75View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948102999Coated paper used for printing labels (no content yet) , in sheets - SEN C2S- FSC (787.4mmx1092mm) , with a content of more than 10% of muscle powders , quantitative 400g / m2 , 100% new ChinaTO8,000.003,456.000.43View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948102999Coated paper used for printing labels (content not available) , in sheets - SEN C2S- FSC (787.4mmx1092mm) , with a content of over 10% of muscle powders, weighing 250g / m2 , 100% new ChinaTO20,400.005,503.510.27View ImporterView Supplier
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