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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
02/Jan/201939199099Self-adhesive one-sided printed plastic film (1.2mx 50mx 80 rolls) used for advertising stickers (not used in food) with shinlung brandTaiwanKg850.001,020.001.20View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201939206290PET film plastic (not self-adhesive , non-porous , not yet combined with other materials , not printed with pictures, not used for wall stickers , covered with ceilings): 20cm wide, 0.025mm thick , inscription China , 100% newChinaKg190.00446.502.35View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948211090BOX LABEL # & 530911 Colored label stickers for COLOR SEAL # 2 printed on paperJapanPiece/Pcs200.001.400.01View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948211090LABEL LABELS # & 530928 Colored label stickers of COLOR SEAL # 38 printed on paperJapanPiece/Pcs200.004.200.02View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948211090LABEL LABELS # & 535330 COLOR SEAL box stickers # 425 printed with paperJapanPiece/Pcs37.000.960.03View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948211090PT03-000413A # & CCTV stickers, with printed paper. New 100%VietnamPiece/Pcs5,500.00269.420.05View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201948211090STICKER PRINTED STICKERS CCCS USED TO PLACE UP CHILDREN'S TOY PRODUCTSChinaTam1.0080.0080.00View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201973269099FB004 # & Steel stickers for soft printed circuit boards ([SUS] AMB575WN01_MAIN REV0.7)Korea (Republic)Piece/Pcs6,100.00658.800.11View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/20194911999048-10028-00: Plastic gas stove stickers , gas stove assembly components , printed , self-adhesive , are not publications of scope 41/2016 / TT-BTTTT , 100% newJapanPiece/Pcs1,000.001,453.601.45View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/20194911999048-10326-00: Plastic gas stove stickers , gas stove assembly components, size (488 * 63.6 * 0.25) mm , printed , self-adhesive , not a publication micro adjustment 41/2016 / TT-BTTTT , 100% newJapanPiece/Pcs500.00458.000.92View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201939199099FB024 # & coverlay stickers to protect the printed circuit lines of the printed circuit board , ([C / L] SM-G977U V1 REV0.3)Korea (Republic)Piece/Pcs3.000.190.06View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201948211090Stickers, made of paper , printed , used to display parameters of Daikin air conditioners , code 3P429093-3C Components used to manufacture Daikin air conditionersVietnamPiece/Pcs9,500.00328.010.03View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201973269099FB004 # & Steel stickers for soft printed circuit board , (LJ41-16173A SUS304H 0.2T (S / B) C6 (10.23mm * 8.53mm)) (MA010718056)Korea (Republic)Piece/Pcs360,000.007,992.000.02View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201973269099FB004 # & Steel stickers for soft printed circuit board , (SM-N960U_S C7701 1 / 2H 0.45T (S / B) C6 (18.2mm * 4.4mm)) (MA010718021)Korea (Republic)Piece/Pcs30,000.00765.000.03View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201973269099FB004 # & Steel stickers for soft printed circuit board , ([SUS] SM-F900U LOWER C2C REV0.6)Korea (Republic)Piece/Pcs3,850.00518.210.13View ImporterView Supplier
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