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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
31/Mar/202009109910Dried bay leaf, scientific name: Laurus nobilis. Goods used to make spices, not to be used for pharmaceutical products (Goods not on the list of Circular No. 04/2017 / TT-BNNPTNT dated February 24, 2017)Georgiakg35,040.005,256.000.15View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202029159090148768 # & ESTEMOL N-01 16kg CN, used for sunscreen products. No. cas 27841-06-1. Tested 103000866142 / A12 (November 23, 19)Japankg16.00238.0814.88View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202029171100Chemical products - OXALICA ACID, 10% BLEND (ACIDIC, ORGANIC NOS OXALIC ACID AR 10% SOLUTION), CAS: 144-62-7, CTHH: C2H2O4. (1 UNIT = 1 DRUM = 200 LIT); 100% newChinaliter800.00528.000.66View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202073269099Base for metal products, no markJapanpiece/pcs1.005.005.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202074199190Products made of brass, round shape with edges around the circumference of the sample, on the surface with small holes, 10mm diameter (materials used to make shoes). 100% new. PTPL results No. 69 / TB-KĐ3 dated 09.01.2020Korea (Republic)kg103.20825.608.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202083021000Hinges are made of galvanized steel, size 7 * 2 cm, 100 pieces / box, used for processing mold products (100% new products) (According to PTPL results No. 128 / TB-KĐ1)Chinapack/ box / bag / package1.000.000.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202083022090CWS # & Small castors (iron + rubber wheels) - H66MM (CASTER 50) L1015-50 * 50 * 50-K-no brake CASTER WHEEL -New products 100%Taiwanpiece/pcs1,000.00650.000.65View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084143090Products directly serving production activities: industrial air compressors for metal processing, air tanks, (no brand, over 80% quality, manufactured in 2011, used)Japanpiece/pcs1.0044.5844.58View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084224000Plastic product packaging machine, capacity of 1 HP, production year 2012. Used products, no models, no brands. Goods for productionTaiwanset2.0080.0040.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084798210Plastic crusher used to crush faulty products, capacity of 1.1kW, voltage of 380V, 60 Hz, Model WSGI-180, Item no G183355, G183351, G183369, G183365, G183359, G183358. 2018. Manufacturer Wensui Co.Chinapiece/pcs6.004,998.00833.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084597010Metal rotor machine, capacity of 1HP, Year of manufacture 2012. Used products, no models, no brands. Goods for productionTaiwanset2.0060.0030.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084629100Hydraulic presses, plastic products, capacity 5HP, Year of manufacture 2012. Used products, no models, no brands. Goods for productionTaiwanset1.00900.00900.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084778039Cutting machine plastic products and standard accessories, 1 HP capacity. Year of manufacture 2012. Used goods, no models, no brands. Goods for productionTaiwanset1.00100.00100.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084798940Button press machine is not operated by electricity, (1 set includes = 1 unit), 2012 production year. Used products, no models, no brands. Goods for productionTaiwanset6.00420.0070.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084779039Robot arm, used to pick up plastic molding products, plastic injection molding machine parts, power consumption of 3.2 kVA, model ES-800SII, serial no ESN08-13450. New 100%Chinaset1.0013,500.0013,500.00View ImporterView Supplier
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