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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
30/Mar/202039269053Z0000000-280188 # & Conveyor belt, KT: W75 x L9500 x T10 mm, material: PU resin. New 100%Vietnampiece/pcs1.00160.99160.99View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202039269053Z0000000-467058 # & Conveyor belt PU, KT: 1124x45x1.5 mm (PU material) (New 100% new)Vietnampiece/pcs2.0021.4310.71View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202039269053RC003001-233060 # & 1.6 mm Conveyor Belt, KT: 270x1.6 mm, PU material (100% new)Vietnamm75.751,168.6315.43View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202039269053Special structure PU conveyor belt (W: 18mm, Pitch: 12.7mm, Teeth: 396, L: 5029.2mm) (spare parts for cold chain) / Special Constructed Truli Endless PU Timing Belt, 100% newJapanpiece/pcs2.00705.87352.94View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202039269053DHBLT50-3.11 conveyor belt, size: W50mm x L3.1m, made of PU plastic. New 100%. 325454320173Korea (Republic)piece/pcs2.0057.1228.56View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202039269053DHBLT150-1.73 Conveyor belt, size: W150mm x L1.73m, made of PU plastic. New 100%. 325454320174Korea (Republic)piece/pcs2.0094.3447.17View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202039269053DHBLT200-1.63 Conveyor belt, size: W200mm x L1.63m, made of PU plastic. New 100%. 325454320176Korea (Republic)piece/pcs2.00125.5062.75View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202039269053DHBLT Conveyor belt 50-4.08, size: W50mm x L4.08m, made of PU plastic. New 100%. 325454320175Korea (Republic)piece/pcs1.0033.3233.32View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202040101100Included accessories: Multi belt conveyor (Squeezing belt PU). New 100%Singaporepiece/pcs1.001,068.451,068.45View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202039269053RC003004-228934 # & PU KT plastic conveyor belt: 190mm (Used in factory) (100% new goods)Vietnamm655.767,924.7612.08View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202039269053Conveyor belt No. 1 - PU Endless Belt for no.1 tunnel freezer discharge PU CV 450WX4,347L. New 100%Korea (Republic)set2.001,178.76589.38View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202039269053Conveyor belt no.5 - PU Endless Belt for no.5 Manual Shuttle CV 500Wx2,700L. New 100%Korea (Republic)set2.00982.80491.40View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202039269053Conveyor belt movement, PU material 0.25 * 200MM * 4198MM, 100% new goodsChinapiece/pcs15.002,732.10182.14View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202059100000Conveyor belt 2/15 M / PWU FDA, 1.5mm thick, 2m wide, 120m long, 1 roll, used in conveyor belts, badges, lower surface made of woven V / L, upper surface covered with PU laminated Transparent, white, oil resistant. New 100%Chinam2240.003,000.0012.50View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202040169951Waterproof rubber roller (Pu Roller), non-size 40 * VP16 * 580 * 590L_PU, used in conveyor belts, NSX: Guangzhou Junya industrial co., LTD, 100% newChinapiece/pcs2.00190.0095.00View ImporterView Supplier
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