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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
31/Mar/202073269099BDT-054 # & Accessories manufacturing electronic pump Gear shaft: stainless steel alloy gear shaft, new arrivals 100%Chinapiece/pcs23,200.0010,676.640.46View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202073269099vanduong-20201802-01 # & Stainless steel shaft seal for vacuum pumps D64x30.3mm, new 100%Japanpiece/pcs12.002,319.49193.29View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084137011Centrifugal water pump, 1 floor, 1 way suction, horizontal shaft, using 380V / 1.5KW power, pump capacity 3m3 / h, inlet diameter 70mm, brand SHINING, brand new 100%Chinapiece/pcs14.00840.0060.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/2020841370421-stage centrifugal pump, 1 inlet, vertical shaft TPE 150-220 / 4 A3-FY-DQQE-PX3; PN: 98842912; Capacity: 18.5 KW; Diameter: 150mm. Brand Grundfos, brand new 100%Hungarypiece/pcs2.0011,719.845,859.92View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/2020841370421-stage centrifugal pump, 1 inlet, vertical shaft TPE 150-200 / 4 A3-FY-DQQE-OX3; PN: 98842913; Capacity: 15 KW; Diameter: 150mm. Brand Grundfos, brand new 100%Hungarypiece/pcs1.005,322.405,322.40View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/2020848310313 # & Pump shaft with pin screw, size (600 * 25) mm, pump accessoriesVietnampiece/pcs1.00106.11106.11View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084831090Shaft of Armature-FP27A001A, SHAFT., ARMATURE (NVLSX propulsion pump for electronic motorbike fuel pump, new 100%) - PART NO: A1743-417-00-000Thailandpiece/pcs20,000.001,260.000.06View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084831090A1743-417-00-000 # & Axle of Armature-FP27A001A, SHAFT., ARMATURE (NVLSX propulsion pump for electronic motorcycle fuel pump, 100% new)Thailandpiece/pcs20,000.001,260.000.06View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084831090A7052-526-02-000 # & Axle of Armature - FP26A001A, SHAFT ,, ARMATURE (NVL SX push pump device for electronic gasoline pump of motorbike, new 100%)Thailandpiece/pcs120,000.007,728.000.06View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084833030Bearing shaft -FP27A001A, BRG., PLAIN METAL, (NVL manufacturing electronic motorcycle fuel pump, new 100% new) - part no: A9389-929-01-000Japanpiece/pcs12,000.001,554.000.13View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202084831090C15A0270031 # & Drive shaft of car oil pump (SHAFT-DRIVE, O / P), largest diameter 17.5mm, length 84.1mm, made of steel - untreatedVietnampiece/pcs7,200.0014,400.002.00View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202090318090Motor shaft balancing machine, Using distance sensor to calibrate motor shaft, pump shaft, etc., electrically operated, Model: TKSA 31, Manufacturer: SKF. New 100%Germanypiece/pcs1.002,700.352,700.35View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202040169390Rubber O-ring washer of code guide shaft E503B, components of Versa Matic pump in tea production line, 100% newChinapiece/pcs6.0030.005.00View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202073181590Item code 2225152. Parts of the pump include: shaft, water pump blades, bolts, seals. (Spare parts for hydraulic engine. CTP manufacturer. 100% new goods)United States of Americapiece/pcs2.00212.90106.45View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202073182200Transmission parts for the guide shaft code E503C (stainless steel gaskets), components of the Versa Matic pump in tea production line, 100% newChinapiece/pcs5.0030.006.00View ImporterView Supplier
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