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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
24/Mar/202085365069Elevator accessories: Elevator push button set STEP PB36 green light with 80mm wire, braille (including: number buttons 1,2,3,4,5: 50 sets; number 6,7,8: 30 sets ; up and down buttons: 255 sets; Close, open buttons, bell: 50 sets), haChinaset1,000.002,000.002.00View ImporterView Supplier
17/Mar/202085365033Push button bell Bticino, brand new 100% from Legrand, model number 89YThailandpiece/pcs150.00576.303.84View ImporterView Supplier
12/Mar/202085365099Push button bell 6A - 250V - copper key, item code: 11BL, used to control doorbell, Mvava brand, Mvava manufacturer. New 100%Chinapiece/pcs5.0011.902.38View ImporterView Supplier
09/Mar/20208531903010002171 # & Push button for red plastic alarm bell 1NO 1NC 230V METAL XB4BW34M5, 100% new goodsFrancepiece/pcs6.00117.7519.63View ImporterView Supplier
09/Mar/202085319020Push button with door bell, 10A, plastic, for household use, for voltage not exceeding 1000V, brand: Hager, Item No. WXEL11B-A, brand new, manufacturer: HagerChinapiece/pcs100.0092.000.92View ImporterView Supplier
31/Jan/201939269099H2000331 # & Round plastic buttons push the plastic electronic bell 18.9 * 8mm H2000331VietnamPiece/Pcs1,910.00220.410.12View ImporterView Supplier
31/Jan/201939269099H2000550 # & Push button plastic electronic bell 38 * 31 * 13.8mm H2000550VietnamPiece/Pcs600.0039.120.07View ImporterView Supplier
23/Jan/201985311020Fire alarm system (1 set including) 4 channel HCV-4 / 230V (1 unit) fire alarm center , FFH-2E090 explosion-proof heat detector (1 unit) , FBB-150I fire alarm bell (10 pieces) , Push button PPE-2 (JE) (10 pieces) , Indicator light T ....United KingdomSYS10.0022,274.702,227.47View ImporterView Supplier
23/Jan/201985311020Fire alarm system (1 set including) 4-channel HCV-4 / 230V (1 unit) fire alarm center , Emergency push button PPE-2 (JE) (5 pieces) , TL-14D indicator light (5 pieces) , EMB-6 explosion-proof bells (1 piece) , Optical smoke detector with base SOC-24VN ...United KingdomSYS20.0042,219.602,110.98View ImporterView Supplier
23/Jan/201985311020Fire alarm system (1 set including) HCVR-3-R 3-zone exhaust center (230V) (1 unit) , HPS-DAK-SR manual exhaust release button (2 pieces) , FBB Fire Alarm Bell -150I (26 pieces) , Emergency push button PPE-2 (JE) (10 pieces) , ...United KingdomSYS20.0049,038.602,451.93View ImporterView Supplier
17/Jan/201985365033One-way bell push button with 2M bell icon - silver color , code 572556 , brand new 100% from LegrandIndiaPiece/Pcs15.0045.603.04View ImporterView Supplier
15/Jan/20193926909970-D0190-7ACNY # & Plastic push button for electric bells PLASTIC STOPPER ABS PA757 + UV LYRIC WHITE # D019-N RoHS + PAHChinaPiece/Pcs9,890.00227.720.02View ImporterView Supplier
09/Jan/201985311020Fire alarm control panel 1 loop includes: module for EV-ZMU area detector (4 pcs) , Module for bell EV-SCM (2 pcs) , EV-IP input module (8 pcs) , EV output module -OP (7 pcs) , Input module push button 9 pcs.JapanSYS1.00954.00954.00View ImporterView Supplier
05/Jan/201939269099Combination box bell , light , NOHMI push button , using power supply: 24VDC , cans: Vietnam production , 100% newVietnamSet1.00379.99379.99View ImporterView Supplier
04/Jan/201973269099Push button for camera door bell with Dahua picture , Model za009x-00 , Dahua Manufacturer, 100% newChinaPiece/Pcs2.0010.345.17View ImporterView Supplier
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