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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
27/Mar/202073182990# & Steel pushers, SPARE CORN PINKorea (Republic)piece/pcs356.0058.390.16View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202073269099ejector pin DA830 / DA8930-Chip pushers, metal material, chip parts, 100% newChinapiece/pcs28.009,376.08334.86View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202084662090Fixture-13035RFQ VTN 33892 Fixture: Push (Pusher), Pin (Pin), Auxiliary (Pin support), Push (Pusher), Slide (Slit guidE), Adjustment plate (Guide adjust plate), Plate Slit part, Upper plate ....Malaysiaset1.00550.00550.00View ImporterView Supplier
20/Mar/202090309010PIN-4368-000-00 # & KBP HANDLER KIT, PUSHER NI50 HTChinapiece/pcs1.00230.00230.00View ImporterView Supplier
16/Mar/202039269099- # & Hand Push (Pin Block Pusher (SZ2810)) used to Move camera products, Plastic material, 100% new goodsKorea (Republic)set28.001,400.2850.01View ImporterView Supplier
16/Mar/202073269099Steel Push Pin / Pusher PinKorea (Republic)piece/pcs840.0084.000.10View ImporterView Supplier
16/Mar/202090309010PIN-4368-000-00 # & KBP HANDLER KIT, PUSHER NI50 HTChinapiece/pcs2.00460.00230.00View ImporterView Supplier
13/Mar/202073182990C-108938 - Special spare parts for cans and lids - New 100% - Starter pin, steel - PUSHER PIN, ACTUATINGUnited States of Americapiece/pcs6.001,244.88207.48View ImporterView Supplier
05/Mar/202073182990. # & Steel pushers, 2STEP EJECTOR PIN 8 (6) X 492 (H)Korea (Republic)piece/pcs50.0021.710.43View ImporterView Supplier
03/Mar/202073269099Clamp pins connect signals pushed into the machine during the production of the camera module Top Clamp Pusher P615 5M AA, made of steel. New 100%Korea (Republic)piece/pcs4.0034.208.55View ImporterView Supplier
25/Jan/201984669400Accessories of jewelry processing machine , SISMA model model SGUL / G (including: clamps, pusher needle, guide , cutter , mold) , made of carbide alloy , size 0.35mm ( pin size 0.70x1.05mm) oval shape. 100% newItalySet2.001,590.34795.17View ImporterView Supplier
19/Jan/201990309010500349772 # & PUSHER PINSingaporePiece/Pcs48.001,536.0032.00View ImporterView Supplier
18/Jan/201982079000B0643 # & Push Pin / Pusher PinJapanPiece/Pcs20.00923.3546.17View ImporterView Supplier
18/Jan/201982079000B0643 # & Push Pin / Pusher PinJapanPiece/Pcs20.00923.3546.17View ImporterView Supplier
16/Jan/201973182400Positioning pin - AMP PIN PUSHER , T-0051 , STS25-1SG HOT MELT MACHINE (pt for glue dispenser , 100% new)United States of AmericaPiece/Pcs1.0030.0030.00View ImporterView Supplier
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