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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
27/Mar/202085364990Relay monitoring CM-SRS.22S 24-240VAC / DC (1SVR730840R0500) for low voltage switchboard (Manufacturer: ABB) (100% brand new)Germanypiece/pcs2.00124.1862.09View ImporterView Supplier
20/Mar/202085364990Relay monitoring voltage, Model: EMR6-VM600-A-1, used for voltage from 24V to 240V, SX: Eaton. New 100%.Germanypiece/pcs162.0015,236.1094.05View ImporterView Supplier
12/Mar/202085364990Monitoring relay CM-IWS.1S 24-240VAC / DC used for low voltage cabinets, voltage below 1000V (1SVR730660R0100) (Manufacturer: ABB) (Aviation with explosion-proof function) (100% new)Germanypiece/pcs5.00422.6084.52View ImporterView Supplier
12/Mar/202085364990Monitoring relay CM-PVS.41S 500VAC used for low voltage cabinets, voltage below 1000V (1SVR730794R3300) (Manufacturer: ABB) (Aviation without explosion protection function) (100% new)Germanypiece/pcs10.00646.9064.69View ImporterView Supplier
12/Mar/202085364990Monitoring relay CM-ESS.2S 24-240VAC / DC used for low voltage cabinets, voltage below 1000V (1SVR730830R0400) (Manufacturer: ABB) (Aviation without explosion prevention function) (New 100%)Germanypiece/pcs1.0062.0962.09View ImporterView Supplier
03/Mar/202085364990Relay monitoring voltage, Model: EMR6-W500-D-1, SX: Eaton. New 100%.Germanypiece/pcs180.0013,354.2074.19View ImporterView Supplier
29/Jan/201985364990Relay monitoring voltage CM-ESS.2S 24-240VAC / DC for low voltage switchboard below 1000V (100% new)GermanyPiece/Pcs6.00363.3660.56View ImporterView Supplier
28/Jan/201990311010Monitoring system , temperature checking for motherboard , Item: TFS-042110-000-AJK , Serial: DG-19625 / DG-19626 include (Meter , probe , cable , speed sensor & motherboard , Alarm Relay alarm device ,.)United States of AmericaSet2.0035,150.0017,575.00View ImporterView Supplier
25/Jan/20198536491021000067-00 # & Digital Relay for voltages above 60V , Digital Bay Control & Monitoring System C650-EFMFIG-0-HI-6-E. New 100%.SpainPiece/Pcs2.006,164.863,082.43View ImporterView Supplier
21/Jan/2019853649903-phase monitoring relay CM-IWS.1S for voltages above 60V (100% new)GermanyPiece/Pcs2.00164.9082.45View ImporterView Supplier
16/Jan/20199031809010A , 1HC6028527R0001 current generator, test device for GMS600 terminal breaker monitoring relay; 100% newSwitzerlandPiece/Pcs1.004,505.164,505.16View ImporterView Supplier
16/Jan/201985364990Winding relay for phase fault monitoring , 300 500 V ac , P / N: EMR5-W500-1-D / 102-6141 , Mft: Eaton / RS , 100% newGermanyPiece/Pcs4.00704.72176.18View ImporterView Supplier
14/Jan/2019853649903-phase voltage monitoring relay CM-PVS.41S (100% new)GermanyPiece/Pcs5.00220.4044.08View ImporterView Supplier
11/Jan/201985364199Electronic insulation relay 24V ABB 1SVR730660R0100 INSULATION MONITORING RELAY 24-240VACGermanyPiece/Pcs4.001,022.40255.60View ImporterView Supplier
08/Jan/201985364990Relay monitoring 3-phase voltage CM-PVS.41S 300-500VAC for low voltage switchboards below 1000V (100% new)GermanyPiece/Pcs16.00868.3254.27View ImporterView Supplier
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