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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
31/Mar/202041079900Cow Leather Finished - COW FINISHED LEATHER FG-036. Goods temporarily imported for repairing 1 part of line 1 according to the export account: 302770487520 / E52 (September 23, 2019). CVTN number: 31032020 / CVTNVietnamkg66.001,469.3922.26View ImporterView Supplier
31/Mar/202087141030Motorbike parts: Behind, re-importing and repairing 384 pieces according to item 3 tk: 302723809050 / E62: 47400134BHP SWINGARM, ASY, PNTD, W / BEARINGSVietnampiece/pcs384.0021,143.0455.06View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202040169390Anti-vibration rubber gasket and oil seal (in the form of a bush), which surrounds the shaft of the oil filter (spare parts for repairing and maintaining the oil filter). MS: 2048-1074-000Germanypiece/pcs1.00891.44891.44View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202040169911Gasket to seal the engine oil, size 330x350mm (spare parts for repairing and maintaining oil filters). MS: 007-2839-750Germanypiece/pcs1.009.659.65View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202040169911Sealing seal for engine oil, size 300x350 (spare parts for repairing and maintaining oil filters). MS: 007-2646-750Germanypiece/pcs1.006.946.94View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202049111010Book printed manual for repairing and repairing electrical and light machine parts used in shipbuilding engineering, Publisher: STAR MANAGEMENT ASOCIATES, 100% newJapandeck50.0050.001.00View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202068042100Grinding wheel with artificial diamond rim MB-HMF, 34L-3.5W-7.5T (30-3-2.2) Ehwa brand for industrial grinding machines (used goods). Repairing price 8 USD / pc. The repair value is USD 2,160Korea (Republic)piece/pcs270.003,240.0012.00View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202068042100Grinding wheels with artificial diamond MB-HMF, 34L-3.5W-7.5T (30-3-2.2) II Ehwa brand for industrial grinding machines (used goods). Repairing price 8 USD / pc. Worth repairing 800 USDKorea (Republic)piece/pcs100.001,200.0012.00View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202073269099Tools and equipment for repairing and maintaining Ferrari cars: Steel bars (blow) for locating lower engines, part no: 095978354, brand new 100%Italypiece/pcs1.0034.7834.78View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202082042000Adjustable wrench, without wrench, used to remove the oxygen sensor when repairing and maintaining cars, BMW brand, P / N: 83300491075, brand new 100%Germanypiece/pcs24.001,062.1844.26View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202082055900Tools and equipment for repairing and maintaining Ferrari cars: Couplings for lowering engine and clutch (poles, steel latches), part no: 095978252, brand newItalyset1.00157.29157.29View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202082060000Hand tools for repairing industrial machines, including pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers. Brand: Toyo Seiki New 100%Japanset1.00126.56126.56View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202087168010Tools and equipment for repairing and maintaining Ferrari cars: Trolleys, haulers of engines, manual pushes used in workshops, part no: 095972621, brand new 100%Italypiece/pcs1.004,759.364,759.36View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202084099969Engine oil assemblies with solenoid valve (spare parts for repairing and maintaining oil filters). MS: 0018-6654-000Germanypiece/pcs1.002,244.872,244.87View ImporterView Supplier
30/Mar/202084485900AK053 # & Parts for controlling the movement of knitting needles, material: iron (spare parts for repairing of knitting machines). 100% new. (SINGLE SIDE MACHINE NEEDLE MOUNTAIN ANGLE)Chinapiece/pcs120.00349.202.91View ImporterView Supplier
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