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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
31/Mar/202090309090Test wire set for insulation resistance MD5075X'S (Standard Test Leads Set), including green wires, red wires, black wires, clamps, NSX: Tentech corporation, 100% new goodsUnited States of Americaset3.00288.0096.00View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/2020903033904-wire comprehensive testing machine, model: LX-350/360, used to test wires, resistors, voltage 220V-50Hz, power: 200W. New 100%Chinapiece/pcs6.003,609.78601.63View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202090318090Functional testing machine of finished products including jacks, wires, brackets, model: IRT-021, code 5188. Year of manufacture: 2014. Manufacturer: ZHONGLIQI. SecondhandChinaset1.003,118.833,118.83View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202090318090Functional testing machine of finished products including jacks, wires, brackets, model: IRT-021, code 5500. Manufacturer: ZHONGLIQI. Year of manufacture: 2015. Used goodsChinaset1.003,621.593,621.59View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202090309040TEE-E19100930-1-FV # & Mold test board-Fixture 4 wires. Spare parts for motherboard testers (UNIT = SET) (1 Set = 2 Pieces). New 100%Thailandset1.0011,632.4611,632.46View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202085369012GKS 100 306 150 A1000 contact connector, used to connect the wires to the testing machine, used for voltages from 0-220V, current from 0-15A. Production of igun New products 100%Germanypiece/pcs300.00195.000.65View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202090318090Air leak testing machine, size (250 * 200 * 160) mm, manufacturer of ATEQ, model F520, pressure 100V, capacity of 100W, frequency of 50-60HZ production year 2012. (used to manufacture wires (earphones) Used goodsJapanpiece/pcs1.001,062.651,062.65View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202085444919# & Wires used for testing machines' product length 20cm, 30V, 100% new goodsChinapiece/pcs180.0090.000.50View ImporterView Supplier
25/Mar/202085444299# & Wires connected, with connectors, voltage: 220v, 5m long, used for testing the battery capacity of photovoltaic cells, 100% newChinapiece/pcs5.00627.45125.49View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202090319019The data connection test sheet used in the production of information wires. New 100%Chinapiece/pcs40.0079.862.00View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202090241010T elongation test device, to test the elongation of copper wire as well as other enamelled metal wires. Including data storage system. Nsx: XIN XIONG, model: SC-5, new 100%Chinaset1.002,329.292,329.29View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202090303390PTR600 electric current testing device (61-1868-99, using a 9V battery, measuring the voltage of electrical wires in the factory, type without recording equipment, 1 set including a meter, a specialized clamp, a charger)United States of Americaset1.001,290.891,290.89View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202090318090Elastic limit test equipment, used to test the elasticity of enamelled metal wires, including data storage systems. NSX: XIN XIONG, model: HTJ-16, brand new 100%Chinaset1.001,139.711,139.71View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/20208544429902006-DAYSO-001 # & Wires, test phone function / wave wire [[LFSTSMS-RG316D-350], 1069829300]. New 100%Korea (Republic)piece/pcs200.001,304.006.52View ImporterView Supplier
20/Mar/202090303900Testing machine for resistance of electric wires in cars, with recording device, model: 2700, voltage: 220V, 50 / 60HZ, brand new: 100%Chinapiece/pcs2.003,900.381,950.19View ImporterView Supplier
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