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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
27/Mar/202021041019Japanese Sauce Noodles - YAKISOBA BROTH (1 Liter / Bottle X 12 Bottles / Carton). HSD: August 9, 2020 New products 100%Japanpack/ box / bag / package2.00353.59176.80View ImporterView Supplier
19/Mar/202019023040Stir-fried Yakisoba noodles - TV Stir-fried Soba Noodles Sauce Flavor (129g / box x 12 boxes / carton). HSD: July 24, 2020Japanpiece/pcs480.00385.290.80View ImporterView Supplier
18/Mar/202019023040Nissin Yakisoba Noodles with strong Mayonnaise Nissin 153g (Mayonaise Yakisoba 153g), instant, brand: Nissin, 12 boxes / carton, HSD 07/08/2020Japanpiece/pcs96.0096.101.00View ImporterView Supplier
18/Mar/202019023040Stir-fried Yakisoba noodles with Maruchan mustard Mayonnaise 171g (Mustard Mayonaise Yakisoba 171g), instant noodles, brands: Maruchan, 12 boxes / carton, HSD 24/07/2020Japanpiece/pcs96.0090.660.94View ImporterView Supplier
18/Mar/202019023040Maruchan Spicy Yakisoba noodles 156g (Spicy Yakisoba 156g), instant noodles, brands: Maruchan, 12 boxes / carton, hsd 27/07/2020Japanpiece/pcs96.0090.660.94View ImporterView Supplier
18/Mar/202019023040Instant instant noodles Yakisoba 410g (82gx5pack) (Fried noodles 410g), brand: Men Sunaoshi, 18 pcs / carton, hsd 28/10/2020Japanpiece/pcs360.00543.941.51View ImporterView Supplier
18/Mar/202019023040Stir-fried instant noodles Yakisoba 86g (Miso noodles 86g), brand: Men Sunaoshi, 12 tins / carton, HSD 27/08/2020Japanpiece/pcs168.0099.950.59View ImporterView Supplier
16/Mar/202019021940Itsuki Fresh Yakisoba Noodles 510g / bag - Yakisoba 3Pack for export (Fried Noodle). New 100%. There is C / O form JV. C / O: 190206270278101209, date: March 10, 2020Japanpack/ box / bag / package600.00933.771.56View ImporterView Supplier
12/Mar/202019021990Yakisoba noodles (100g / pcs, 18pcs / pack, 3 packs / cartonThailandpack/ box / bag / package288.005,534.3319.22View ImporterView Supplier
10/Mar/202019023020Miyatake Sanuki Teppan Yakisoba Noodles (280g x 12 Pack / Case) - Miyatake Sanuki Teppan Yakisoba 280g. HSD: February 11, 2021 (UNK = BARREL)Japanpack/ box / bag / package35.00475.7413.59View ImporterView Supplier
06/Mar/202019023040UDON "MIYAKOICHI" TEPPAN YAKISOBA (3P) Yakisoba sauce (Instant noodles with sauce, made from wheat flour), 480g / bag, 10 bags / carton, 2 cases / bale / (01 UNK = 1 accessory) .NXX: Miyakoichi Co ,, Ltd. HSD: 11.02.2020-11.12.2020. HM100%Japanpack/ box / bag / package50.001,770.8235.42View ImporterView Supplier
06/Mar/202019023040UDON "MIYAKOICHI" MUSHI YAKISOBA (5P) (Instant noodles without sauce, made from wheat flour), 750g / bag, 10 bags / carton, 2 cases / bale (01 UNK = 1 pack). NSX: Miyakoichi Co ,, Ltd. HSD: 11.02.2020-11.12.2020 HM 100%.Japanpack/ box / bag / package100.003,870.8838.71View ImporterView Supplier
05/Mar/202019023040Instant Noodles made from Nissin Yakisoba wheat flour UFO Big (167gx24box / carton), 100% new goods. Manufacturer: Nissin Foods Holdings Co., LtdJapanpack/ box / bag / package15.0056.063.74View ImporterView Supplier
05/Mar/202019023040Instant Noodles made from wheat flour Nissin Yakisoba (104gx24box / box), brand new 100%. Manufacturer: Nisshin Foodstuff Joint Stock CompanyJapanpack/ box / bag / package50.00186.873.74View ImporterView Supplier
05/Mar/202019023040Instant noodles made from Nissin Yakisoba flour (100gx90packs / carton), brand new 100%. Manufacturer: Kantou Factory, Nisshin Food Joint Stock CompanyJapanpack/ box / bag / package5.0025.235.05View ImporterView Supplier
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