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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
30/Mar/202084321000NN plow Yanmar YM1700, YM2500, Kubota L2201, L2402, Iseki TS1610, TS1910, TS2200, TS2510, Shibaura SD2200, ... use diezel cs15-35hp. (Used for direct production of enterprises). Production: 2010 CL> 80%Japandram25.002,500.00100.00View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202084321000Machinery directly imported for production: Agricultural tractors 27-57hp kubota, iseki, shibaura, yanmar sx2011-2012, no used plowsJapanpiece/pcs5.00678.94135.79View ImporterView Supplier
27/Mar/202084321000Used agricultural tractors of iseki, kubota, yanmar, shibaura, mitsubishi (details of the attached goods list), capacity of 17-34 HP, production 2013-2015, usedJapandram11.001,593.24144.84View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202084321000Used agricultural plows of shibaura, kubota, yanmar (importing enterprises directly serve the production of enterprises) with a capacity of 21-34 HP, production 2015, usedJapanpiece/pcs5.00543.15108.63View ImporterView Supplier
19/Mar/202084321000Used agricultural plows SHIBAURA SD4000A, X45F, YANMAR YM2500, YM2610D, YM1610D, KUBOTA L2202, L240, L1-R24, ISEKI TS2210 are used. Year of manufacture: 2010-2014. Country of Origin: JapanJapanpiece/pcs18.003,059.68169.98View ImporterView Supplier
19/Mar/202084322900Hand held mini cultivator, brand YANMAR - KUBOTA - MITSUBISHI - SHIBAURA, without model, capacity of 5-7 HP, not attached to rotary, used, produced in 2012. Used in agriculture.Japanpiece/pcs14.00280.0020.00View ImporterView Supplier
19/Mar/202084321000Used agricultural plow shibaura, kubota, iseki, yanmar, mitsubishi (details of the attached goods list), capacity 15-36HP, sx 2013-2015, usedJapanpiece/pcs17.002,247.54132.21View ImporterView Supplier
13/Mar/202084321000Used agricultural plows of YANMAR YM2820, YM4300, YM3000, KUBOTA L2802DT, GL25, L1-235, B1702DT, SHIBAURA SD4000, P21F are used. production year: 2010-2014. Country of Origin: JapanJapanpiece/pcs14.002,554.30182.45View ImporterView Supplier
11/Mar/202084321000NN plow Yanmar YM1500, YM2200, YM1610, Kubota L1801, L2202, L2002, Shibaura SD2203, SD2403, ... use diezel cs15-35hp. (Used) (direct service of enterprise production). Production: 2010 CL> 80%Japandram11.001,100.00100.00View ImporterView Supplier
11/Mar/202084321000Machinery directly imported for production: Agricultural tractors 27-57hp yanmar, shibaura, kubota, mitsubishi sx2011-2012, no used plowsJapanpiece/pcs6.00821.02136.84View ImporterView Supplier
05/Mar/202084322900Used soil diggers from bottom to bottom YANMAR, KUBOTA, ISEKI, SHIBAURA (year 20x2011-2014, models FD20, YM300, SD300A, L1802) cs 20-25HP used.XS Japan.DN is committed to importing and manufacturing TNJapanpiece/pcs10.001,779.72177.97View ImporterView Supplier
04/Mar/202084321000NN Kubota Tractor L1-325, L2201, L2402DT, Yanmar YM2310, YM3000, Shibaura SD2043 ..... use diezel cs18-42hp. (LUR). (goods directly serving agricultural production). SX: 2010. CL> 80%Japandram8.001,200.00150.00View ImporterView Supplier
04/Mar/202084321000Used agricultural plows of iseki, kubota, yanmar and shibaura (details of the attached goods list), capacity of 11-25 HP, production 2013-2014, usedJapanpiece/pcs14.001,494.96106.78View ImporterView Supplier
03/Mar/202084321000Machinery directly imported for production: Agricultural tractors 27-57hp iseki, yanmar, kubota, shibaura, hinimoto, mitsubishi sx2011-2012, no used plowsJapanpiece/pcs10.001,156.81115.68View ImporterView Supplier
29/Jan/201984321000Agricultural plow Shibaura , Hinomoto , Sator , Mitsubishi , Yanmar , Kubota Fiat , ... use diezel cs20-70hp (used).JapanUnit27.005,400.00200.00View ImporterView Supplier
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