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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
26/Mar/202021022010Dried yeast used as a supplement to aquatic feed to increase the nutrient uptake capacity of fish and shrimp - AQUA PROBIOTIC, 100% newChinakg2,000.0022,000.0011.00View ImporterView Supplier
26/Mar/202021022010Yeast Cell Wall raw materials for animal feed production, import registration number 72-03 / 09-CN / 19, (No. 1086 of the TANK list of 2019 - Department of Livestock Production)Chinakg18,000.0032,400.001.80View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202021022090GROPRO (synthetic yeast - animal feed processing additives) Imported goods under Circular 02/2019 / TT-BNNPTNTChinakg25,000.0036,250.001.45View ImporterView Supplier
19/Mar/202023099020YEAST FEED supplements plant-based protein fermented by candidautilis in animal and poultry feeds. According to conclusion STQ 08 / KL-KTSTQ (C3), January 2, 2020Chinaton40.0028,440.00711.00View ImporterView Supplier
18/Mar/202023099020HILYSES. Hydrolytic yeast products, used as supplements in animal feed. Goods imported under OL No. 346 / CN-TCN Department of Livestock Production, NSX: USINA STAR LUIZ S / A - Brazil. KQGĐ: 1309 / TB-KĐ4 dated 09/29/2014Brazilkg50,000.0068,500.001.37View ImporterView Supplier
17/Mar/202023099020MT.X + feed: Supplementing a mixture of natural minerals and yeast cell wall extract in animal and poultry feed (25kg / bag) to adsorb mycotoxins. Batch no: 32028201; 32006203, HSD 27.01 .2022; 05.01.2022Franceton46.00128,202.002,787.00View ImporterView Supplier
17/Mar/202023099020Additive MYCOSORB A +, Beta-glucan supplement from hydrolyzed yeast to adsorb mycotoxins in feed, brown powder, Circulation 495-8 / 17-CN (after TT26), 25 kgs / bags, 100% new goodsUnited States of Americakg3,000.0011,790.003.93View ImporterView Supplier
16/Mar/202021021000Yeast living ACTISAF SC 47 STD 25Kg / bag. As raw material used in animal feed. New 100%Francehandbag240.0025,530.00106.38View ImporterView Supplier
16/Mar/202021021000Yeast living ACTISAF SC 47 HR + 25 Kg / bag. As raw materials used in animal feed. New 100%Francehandbag160.0020,024.00125.15View ImporterView Supplier
16/Mar/202023099090Feed additives: DIAMOND V XPC YEAST CULTURE (Supplemented with fermented products by Saccharomyces cerevisiae), 25 Kg / Bag. HSD: 01/2022. Imported in accordance with Official Letter No. 119 / CN-TCN dated 31/01/19United States of Americaton52.50143,745.002,738.00View ImporterView Supplier
14/Mar/202023099020HILYSES-Hydrolyzed yeast products, used as a supplement in animal feed. Imported goods under OL No. 346 / CN-TCN Department of Livestock Production - 100% new goods -. KQGĐ: 1309 / TB-KĐ4 dated 09/29/2014Brazilkg25,000.0034,250.001.37View ImporterView Supplier
12/Mar/202021021000Feed ingredients: Angel Instant Dry Yeast. Made in China. Specification: 10kg / carton Expiry date: 01/2022. New 100%.Chinakg36,000.0084,600.002.35View ImporterView Supplier
11/Mar/202023099020Feed: MACROGARD Beta-glucan supplement from Saccharomyces yeast cell components in animal feed, 25kg / carton, 100% new, NSX: Acucareira Quatá S / A - BrazilBrazilton0.3512,075.0034,500.00View ImporterView Supplier
09/Mar/202021021000Raw materials used for processing animal feed: Diamond V XPC Yeast Culture (25kg / bag). Lot: L120120 - HSD: 01/2022. Imported goods by: 54-02 / 06-CN / 19 circulation certificate 119 / CN-TCN (January 31, 2019).United States of Americaton15.0032,100.002,140.00View ImporterView Supplier
04/Mar/202021021000ACTIVE DRY FEED YEAST S200: Raw yeast - 100% Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Raw materials used in aquatic feed. Products compliant with TT 26/2018 // TT-BNNPTNT. 100% new goods (5kg / carton, 2 cartons / carton)Chinakg6,000.0013,800.002.30View ImporterView Supplier
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