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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
25/Mar/202029339990Irbesartan pharmaceutical raw material USP42, batch number C5562-19-008, produced on May 1, 2019, expiry date 12 / 2023. Commitment not originated from nature, plants, animals, minerals.Nsx Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.Chinakg160.0017,600.00110.00View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202029333990Raw materials for medicine production. QUINAPRIL HYDROCHLORIDE: TC.USP42 Lot number: 5158-20-002, Date of manufacture: 12/2019. HD: 11 / 2021. Manufacturer: ZHEJIANG HUAHAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD: ĐG .NW.5KG / BOX.Chinakg25.0037,500.001,500.00View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202029339990Raw materials for medicine production. ENALAPRIL MALEATE: TC.USP41 Lot number: 5112-19-034 / 063 Date of manufacture: 04-09 / 2019. HD: 03-08 / 2023. MANUFACTURER: ZHEJIANG HUAHAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD: ĐG .NW.15KG / BOX-20KG / BOX.Chinakg35.004,620.00132.00View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202029392090Raw materials for medicine production. Candesartan Cilexetil: TC.EP 9.0. Lot number .5668-19-510.NSX: 12 / 2019.HD: 11/2022. Manufacturer: ZHEJIANG HUAHAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD: ĐG.NW: 1KG / CARTON.24KG / CARTONChinakg25.0013,875.00555.00View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202029329990Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Escitalopram Oxalate USP 38.VD-33376-19, VD-33375-19: (NXS: Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) TC: 1Drum, Nw = 10Kg, Gw = 14Kg, New 100 %Chinakg10.007,300.00730.00View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202029339990Medicinal materials: IRBESARTAN USP41, Lot: C5409-19-003, C5409-19-005, SX: 04.11 / 2019, HD: 03.10 / 2024, NSX: Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - China.Chinakg825.0096,525.00117.00View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202029339990Medicinal materials: LISINOPRIL USP41, Lot: C5170-19-005, SX: February 2019, HD: 01/2022, NSX: Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - ChinaChinakg75.0021,000.00280.00View ImporterView Supplier
09/Mar/202029337900Pharmaceutical ingredient: LEVETIRACETAM. TCCL: USP41. Lot number: C5152-19-198 Date of manufacture: May 6, 2019. SD term: 04/2022. Manufacturer: Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - China, 25KG / drumChinakg200.0058,000.00290.00View ImporterView Supplier
09/Mar/202029420000Medicinal ingredients: Levetiracetam. Standard EP 9. Lot: D5294-19-069. Nsx: May 5, 2019. Date: 04/2022. Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - China production.Chinakg26.004,940.00190.00View ImporterView Supplier
02/Mar/202029420000Levetiracetam (Lot SX: C5152-19-148, C5152-19-160; NSX: 4/2019; HD: 3/2022; Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Medicinal materials)Chinakg200.0020,000.00100.00View ImporterView Supplier
28/Jan/201929339990Raw materials manufactured by: IRBESARTAN USP40-Lo C5465-18-011-NSX: May 2018 HD: 04/2023-Nha SX: ZHEJIANG HUAHAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO; LTD-CHINAChinaKg60.008,220.00137.00View ImporterView Supplier
23/Jan/201929332900Raw materials for manufacturing western medicine Losartan Potassium. USP40 standard. Manufacturer: Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd (China). Lot Number: C5397-18-082. NSX: September 19, 2018. HSD: 08/2023. New 100%.ChinaKg300.0030,000.00100.00View ImporterView Supplier
16/Jan/201929224900Raw materials for drug production: Pregabalin - CEP , Batch no: D5248-18-489 , MFG date: September 13, 2018 , EXP date: 08/2021 , NSX: Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - China.ChinaKg5.002,175.00435.00View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201929339990Medicinal Materials: Lisinopril Dihydrate , USP41 , Batch no: C5170-18-092 , NSX: 07/2018 , HD: 06/2021 , NSX: Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co.., Ltd - China.ChinaKg6.001,620.00270.00View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201929339990Medicinal Materials: Telmisartan , EP9 , Batch no: D5271-18-113 , NSX: 08/2018 , HD: 07/2021 , NSX: Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd - China.ChinaKg100.0015,300.00153.00View ImporterView Supplier
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