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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
02/Jan/201938121000Rubber vulcanization promotion ingredient with a composition of zinc oxide , salt mixture of palmitat fatty acids and dispersion stearate in ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, granular (RapidMaterial HL-42). New 100%ChinaKg2,000.007,200.003.60View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938249999Mixed zinc Stearate and zinc palmitat dispersed in water , used in rubber processing: DISPERTACK ZnStr30 (25KG / DRUM). New 100%MalaysiaKg1,400.001,960.001.40View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938249999GRACE DLI-LM - The main chemical composition is a mixture of stearate salt and palmitat of zinc , powder , 20kg / bag , additives used in paint production technology , 100% newIndiaKg17,280.0024,399.361.41View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938249999GRACE-DLI-SS - Main chemical composition is a mixture of stearate salt and palmitat of zinc , , powder , 15kg / bag , additives used in paint production technology , 100% new IndiaKg900.001,287.001.43View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938249999GRACE-DLI-SS-30 - A chemical composition consisting of a mixture of stearate and palmitat salts of zinc , , powder , 15kg / bag , additives used in paint production technology , new 100%IndiaKg900.00999.001.11View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938249999CPG # & AT 95 rubber additives, the main ingredients are zinc salts of fatty acids (palmitic , stearic) and additives , pastes in aqueous environment including Zinc stearate: 20% , Water: 80 %TaiwanKg3,600.004,680.001.30View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938249999KEMZINC / 1 # & Zinc ZincStearate-ZN55 (a mixture of zinc stearate and palmitat salts used in the production of plastic resins) PTPL results No. 1632 / TB-KÐ dated 23/5/2017.MalaysiaKg20,000.0027,200.001.36View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938249999GS015 # & Zinc stearic (Zince Stearate) used to produce shoe solesTaiwanKg3,000.005,850.001.95View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201938249999A-168 # & A-168 (Zinc Stearate Emulsion A-168). New 100%VietnamKg200.0029.900.15View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201929157030Zinc stearate (Salt and ester of stearic acid) used in paint industry: ZINC STEARATE 1062 (P2) , CAS code: 557-05-01. Goods not on the list of chemical declarationsChinaKg11,700.0016,380.001.40View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/20192915703022 # & Zinc Stearate, enclosed with the certificate of import chemical declaration No. 009078 / GXN-VPHCM dated June 20, 2017TaiwanKg5,760.0013,996.802.43View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201929157030N11 # & Salt stearate (zinc stearate) (CAS: 557-05-1 , Zn (C17H35COO) 2)Korea (Republic)Kg1,005.002,040.152.03View ImporterView Supplier
02/Jan/201929157030Zinc Stearate AZT 271 - Chemical used in paint industry, in powder form, CAS number 557-05-1 , Chemical formula (C17H35COO) 2Zn , packing 20kg / bagMalaysiaKg12,000.0020,400.001.70View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201938123900Stabilizer BS-400 plastic stabilizer, used to produce plastic pipes , electrical equipment , 25KG / Bags , 100% new product (30% Zinc stearate , CAS: 557-05-1; 30% Heat resistant additives; 18% Calcium stearate)ChinaKg1,000.002,120.002.12View ImporterView Supplier
03/Jan/201938249999Raw materials for plastic resin production: Mixture of zinc salts of strearic acid and palmitic acid , powder (ZINC STEARATE TM), KQPTPL No. 1192 / TB-KÐ4 (September 15, 2017) , CAS NO: 557-05- firstSingaporeKg2,400.003,684.001.54View ImporterView Supplier
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