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02/Jan/201928332990Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate: Additional raw materials in feed made by Kirns Chemical Ltd , imported in accordance with registration number 316-9 / 08-CN of CCN (box 1123 TT 26). 100% newChinaTon27.0025,380.00940.00**
02/Jan/201930049099Western medicine: ZINCVIET (Granulated mixed 120mg: Zinc sulphate monohydrate) 1 bottle of 60ml , lot: II015A , sx: 11/2018 , hd: 11/2021. VN-9941-10. Nx: Atco Laboratories LimitedPakistanBox/Packet/Crate16,196.0014,981.300.93**
02/Jan/201930049099Western medicine: ZINCVIET (Granulated mixed 120mg: Zinc sulphate monohydrate) 1 bottle of 60ml , lot: II015A , sx: 11/2018 , hd: 11/2021. VN-9941-10. Production: Atco Laboratories Limited. Foc 1 , 619 boxesPakistanBox/Packet/Crate1,619.001,497.580.93**
05/Jan/201928332990Supplementing minerals in animal and poultry feeds: ZINC SULPHATE MONOHYDRATE , Lot: 02118-127 , NSX: 11/2018 , HSD: 11/2020; Specification: 25 Kg / Bag. Imported goods according to Circular 26/2012 / TT-BNNPTNT dated June 25, 2012 (Section 1123).ChinaKg54,000.0052,380.000.97**
07/Jan/201938210010GRM3979 Microbiological Culture Environment 500G bottle of Zinc sulphate heptahydrate , Hi-AR / ACS (GRM3979-500G). Environmental media , new goodsIndiaBottle/Jar/Tube1.005.575.57**
08/Jan/201928332990Zinc Sulphate - Zinc Sulphate heptahydrate (Pure / Ar) Oral Grade - Ingredients for producing toothpasteIndiaKg1,440.008,568.005.95**
08/Jan/201928332990Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (Feed zinc supplement) in animal feed No. HDÐ: 2018HG10669 October 25, 2018 TPPL Result NO .: 421 / TB-KÐ4 DATED 27/4/2018 ,ChinaKg27,000.0026,730.000.99**
09/Jan/201938249999M-400SR: The main chemical composition is the phosphate salt, the sulphate of chromium , cobalt and zinc , in the acid environment , cas no: 10101-53-8 , 10026-24-1 , 7757-82-6 , 20kg / plastic can. 100% newJapanKg300.002,430.008.10**
10/Jan/201938249999Tin-nickel (Sn-Ni) Dipsol SZ-240MS (Mixed: Tin sulphate / SnSO4 (5%) Tin, zinc sulfate / ZnSO4 (5%) , Sodium Succinate / C4H4Na2O4 (15%) , Ammonium Sulfate (15%) , H2O (60%). (PTPL No .: 738 / PTPL-NV). New 100%JapanKg880.0012,848.0014.60**
11/Jan/201928332990Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate (PURE / AR) Hair grade-Shampoo material - (Sulfate of zinc)IndiaKg1,440.008,568.005.95**
14/Jan/201928332990Feed Grade Zinc Sulphate (Zn 34.5% Min): Zinc supplement material (Zn) in feed. Powder form: 25 kg / bag. Manufacturer: Junwei , China. Imported in accordance with Circular 26/2012 / TT-BNNPTNT (cell 724). 100% new goods.ChinaTon6.005,880.00980.00**
14/Jan/201928333000JS07 # & Compound used as a catalyst in curing process of rubber: calcium sulphate accounts for 44.5 ~ 50.8% , zinc hydroxide accounts for 38.5 ~ 43.9% , ... (Compound Zinc Oxide MULTI-Z) (New product 100%)JapanKg1,400.003,472.532.48**
14/Jan/2019382499995100404 # & Catalyst (the main ingredient is zinc oxide (ZNO) and calcium sulphate - ZINC OXIDE AZO-801 (eg: 2453 / TB-TCHQ , immediately: March 29, 2016)TaiwanKg16,000.0030,528.001.91**
15/Jan/201928332990Zinc sulphate, raw material for cosmetic manufacture ZINC SULPHATE // RONACARE ZINC SULFATE , Batch: AM0840022 , Expired date: 31.05.MalaysiaKg50.00769.0015.38**
15/Jan/201938249999Raw material for export (Zinc Oxide RA) , a mixture of zinc oxide and calcium sulphate for manufacturing rubber products.ThailandTon40.0053,120.001,328.00**
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