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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Price [USD]Importer NameSupplier Name
24/Mar/202032159090Ink: DSI-IR601 type, (main solvent content: 54%; silicon dioxide 18%; zirconium oxide 28%), liquid, red, Used for ceramic tile printing. Dowstone New 100%Chinakg80.002,560.0032.00View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202032159090Ink: DSI-IY701 type, (main solvent component: 54%; silicon dioxide 17.5%; zirconium oxide 25%), liquid, yellow, Used for ceramic tiles, Dowstone. New 100%Chinakg60.001,560.0026.00View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202038249999S-ZOHV02670009 # & Chemical products of other chemical industry, used in the manufacture of eyeglasses (tp: Zirconium oxide, tantalum oxide, additives) 18mmx8t _ Canon optron ZrO2 + Ta2O5 (A) [ZOHV02670009]Japanpiece/pcs8,000.0013,280.001.66View ImporterView Supplier
24/Mar/202038249999Chemical preparations used in paints (Anti-tannins in wood paints) HALOX XTAIN L-44, 18KG / PAIL, CAS: 68309-95-5, 1314-13-2, 7664-41-7, 84057-80 -7 (Zinc oxide, Ammonia, Zirconium propionate)United States of Americakg576.005,497.159.54View ImporterView Supplier
23/Mar/202032159090Ink: DSI-YW317 type, solvent content 54%, Zirconium Oxide 25%, Silicon Dioxide 15%, Praseodymium Oxide 6%, liquid, yellow, Used for ceramic tile printing, Dowstone.20kg / box New 100%Chinakg3,000.0019,500.006.50View ImporterView Supplier
19/Mar/202034029019L0040 # & Grinding fluid ZS-2000C (20kg / can) (including Zirconium Oxide ZrO2 25%, H2O Water 75%)Japancans / can5.001,632.80326.56View ImporterView Supplier
13/Mar/202081130000NL450 # & Metal ceramic beads, ingredients: Zirconium Dioxide (60-70%), Silicon Dioxide (28-33%), Aluminum Oxide, Magnesium Oxide (<10%) (1 carton = 25kg), CERAMIC BEAD, 1490- 00032Korea (Republic)kg150.002,770.5018.47View ImporterView Supplier
10/Mar/202028256000- # & Powder Zro2 adhesive, main ingredients include: Zirconium Oxide (95%), Calcium Oxide (3%). 100% newKorea (Republic)kg2.0060.0030.00View ImporterView Supplier
10/Mar/202032064910Xirallic T60-22 WNT Amethyst Dream pigment (Tp: titanium dioxide, tin oxide, zirconium oxide: 20%; Aluminum oxide: 80%). New 100%Germanyg230.0023.000.10View ImporterView Supplier
10/Mar/202034029019L0040 # & Grinding fluid ZS-2000C (20kg / can) (including Zirconium Oxide ZrO2 25%, H2O Water 75%)Japancans / can10.003,265.60326.56View ImporterView Supplier
04/Mar/202028256000Mixture of Zirconium Oxide, NCK-11 (ZrO2: 80-90%; CeO2, Nd2O3, La2O3: 10-20%), the catalyst material for coating the surface of motorcycle exhaust pipe core, form flour, 1200 kg / 120 packs, 100% newJapankg1,200.0052,265.7243.55View ImporterView Supplier
04/Mar/202028256000Mixture of Zirconium Oxide M-353 (ingredients: ZrO2, CeO2, La2O3, Nd2O3), catalyst materials for coating the surface of the exhaust core of motorbike exhaust pipes, in powder form, 220kg / 22packs, goods 100% newJapankg220.008,240.5037.46View ImporterView Supplier
03/Mar/202032159090Ink: DSI-MA205 type, solvent composition: 57%, Zirconium Oxide: 13.5%, liquid, brown, Used for ceramic tiles, Dowstone. 100% newChinakg500.003,250.006.50View ImporterView Supplier
03/Mar/202032159090Ink: DSI-YW317 type, solvent content: 54%, Zirconium Oxide: 25%, liquid, yellow, Used for ceramic tiles, Dowstone. 100% newChinakg1,480.009,620.006.50View ImporterView Supplier
25/Jan/201932064910Synthetic pigment TWINCLEPEARL BXC-SO , with nacreous light , powder , used to produce paints (Fluorphlogopite , Titanium Dioxide , Tin Oxide , Aluminum Hydroxide , Zirconium Oxide). PTPL: 506 / TB-KDHQ (September 11, 2018)JapanKg2.00222.64111.32View ImporterView Supplier
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