Heading - 4421

Vietnam HS Code 4421 - Other Articles Of Wood.

Vietnam HS Code 4421 is for other articles of wood. Lookup 2017 HTS Code or HSN Code for other articles of wood in Vietnam.

HS Code Item Description
  4421 Other articles of wood.
             44211000 Clothes hangers
      442190 Other:
             44219010 Spools, cops and bobbins, sewing thread reels and the like
             44219020 Match splints
             44219030 Wooden pegs or pins for footwear
             44219040 Candysticks, icecream sticks and icecream spoons
             44219070 Fans and handscreens, frames and handles therefor, and parts thereof
             44219080 Toothpicks
             44219093 Other:Prayer beads
             44219094 Other beads
             44219099 Other

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